Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Genetically Modified Clothes

Check out the disgustingness of "frankencotton" coming soon to shirts and undies near you. As if cotton, already one of the most pesticide-y agricultural products on the planet, needs another strike against it: transgenic (i.e., genetically modified) cotton. For the same reason, please don't ever ingest or smooth on anything made of cottonseed oil--ever wonder why it's so cheap? Since cotton is technically a non-food product, farmers get to heap on the pesticides.

Fertilitybitch's advice is to at the very least not let cotton that is not organic get near the fertility-nads, if you know what I mean. Underclothes sit closest to your skin and stay heated all the day long. If you have suggestions of good organic undies for men or women, email me: GreenFertility@gmail.com. The male ones, in particular, look like a corss between what the Amish or M.C. Hammer would wear...

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