Friday, May 26, 2006

Eeek, another tidbit about the BRASSAGE the massaging bra

I found this article about Christina Erteszek, who designed the Brassage, the lymph-massaging bra from yesterday's post. She's OLGA's daughter--yes, that, OLGA, the bra mogul who, I just found out from this article, died of breast cancer in 1989.

Apparently, that inspired the daughter to try to create a healthier (it's all relative, no pun intended) less breast-cancer-causing bra.

I'm in no way saying all those Olga bras caused her breast cancer, but it's kind of weird, the succession of McDonald's execs who keeled over in their 60s from heart disease, the Marlboro Man dying of lung cancer, etc. Let me jus say, I'm all for the not-yet-invented NO-Bra, META-bra, Invisi-Bra and in the meantime loooooove those camis.

However, the Fertilitybitch must give Ms. Erteszek credit for starting a lingerie line that uses some organic, sustainable materials and respects the old lymph gland and pioneered some innovations like "comfort cushions" that "relieve the pressure from underwires" (eeeek!), so if you must bra, it's loads better than the Wonderbra, I think. And, Fertilitybitch must admit that as a "petite" who went through locker room hell and serious bra-envy all through high school, she cannot truly address the "sag" issue and other things, so here's Ms. Erteszek's website, which is also a retail site:


Anonymous said...

I just watched a news segment on this "Brassage" and I am truly appalled. I am very rarely appalled. Usually I just shake my head and go with the flow but I am presently being treated for breast cancer and the idea that this bra can "help promote breast health" makes me more nauseated than the chemotherapy I receive weekly. Ok, so maybe some bras are better than others but I feel this one preys on very legitimate fears that many women have. Some may be duped into thinking that this bra will keep them safe! Will they forego regular testing in lieu of this bra? Maybe, and that's just wrong. Some women are so scared of getting cancer it paralyzes them into inaction. They may wear this bra and think there is nothing else they have to do. Wrong! I will boycott any website that promotes these bras and believe me, I have a HUGE network of cancer survivors that will join me in this.

GreenFertility said...

Thanks for the post. Good luck on your health.

Anonymous said...

The creator of this bra is not trying to "scare" people into buying it. I mean, her own mother died of breast cancer. It's your choice if you want to buy it or not, and some people such as myself like the idea of being able to buy a bra that is more comfortable, made from organic materials, and also promotes circulation. I have had a lot of help from massage therapy and acupuncture. I had chemo and it didn't help me at all--within 6 months the tumor I had was back. Maybe more people should try it before they knock it. We should be allowed to make the choice for ourselves, not have it dictated to us.

Ellen said...

Thanks for your post on this bra. I had read of a Brazilian scientist who found that the longer you wear a bra, and the tighter the bra is, the more likely you are to get breast cancer. Women in third-world countries that don't wear bras, have a much lower incidence of breast cancer.

Personally, I think Christina's brassage was a good idea, and right on target. That the media vilified her I think reflects the power of the "cancer research" lobby, which doesn't really produce any cures.

I would like to see the brassage come back (maybe w/o all the hype, just quietly). I think it was a good idea.

Keeping the body alkaline through diet and minimizing the amount of time spent wearing a bra are - I think - the best approaches to avoiding breast cancer.

Thanks for your balanced post.