Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hemp Sandals with a Green Sole/Soul

When I used to travel to Mexico, I loved seeing the huarache stores, where they would take a measurement of your foot, cut out a sole out of some old tire, and then attach the leather straps. So clever, so green--why don't we do that in the US? I kept wondering.

Well, now I wonder no more. I got me a pair of "hipster" Splaff FLOPPS that are a combo of recycled bike tires and a hemp upper. They are also made to order, just like in those cute Mexican stores.

I actually never bought myself a pair of huaraches because the woven leather look was not my style, but these guys look rather cool (they also come in a flip flop and a gladiator sandal) and they were perfect on the beach. They also make purses and things. The company guys say their FLOPPS are beloved by surfers--mine definitely didn't mind getting wet. The black recycled rubber footbed is waterproof, slip resistant, and odorless--what more could you want in a summer shoe? Also, the guys who make them are like these garage-band say no to mass-produced resource-devouring crap and go out and get a good product made by hands that actually care about you and the environment. Tell 'em the FertilityBitch sent ya.

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