Thursday, May 04, 2006

Blog Identity Theft, or Just Erasure?

intrinsically sad

Yikes, I am now officially cannibalizing myself (at least I'm mostly organic--yum!). has hired a new Fertility Blogger but they've kept all my old posts online. But they don't have my name on them anymore, they're just written by "Fertility Blogger." This is hopefully not Schadenfreude, as I don't even know the new blogger (and honestly wish her well), but it was a nice surprise to receive an email from someone tipping me off that the first "new" post from "my" old Fertility Blog logged its first comment: "Where's Marie?!?" So I don't feel totally erased or forgotten. Also received a few emails from people subscribing to the old RSS feed asking where I've gone. Thanks, guys.

So, I'm here, please tell everyone! Someone at the Minnesota Book Awards even told me she looooved my blog (the old one, of course), all those posts about peacing out with organic green tea warm in my cute Korean celadon tea brewer. Good thing I posted some pictures on the site--I am guessing from the new blogger's name, that she is not Korean American.

I just checked out Technorati to see that my old blog is totally creaming my GreenFertility: oldblog is ranked 10 times more popular than GreenFertility. Yet another number, besides my Amazon ranking and my natural killer cells (NKUs, a fertility-immune thing), to check obsessively. How depressing.


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