Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Okay, We are screwing up the climate, but let's not be hasty....

Finally, the Bush admininstration's own scientists could not longer continue to deny the gigantic and growing elephant-butt in the living room and were forced to admit that yeah, it is getting a bit warm in here and there was "clear evidence" that we done it.

Of course, the White House quickly noted that this was just the first of a planned 21 assessments, so, we'd best chill out and wait for the definitive word.

My question is, why stop at 21? Why not 1,000,000 assessments? Or 666 assessments (recent studies have shown, btw, this is actually not the mark of the beast--it was some kind of typo of mistranslation that besmirched this lovely curvy number combination). Or, 69,690 assessments, to put the ass back into assessments? Let's use our imagination, People!

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Anonymous said...

amen sister! : ) How about increased number of intense hurricanes in the past couple years. Hurricanes get stronger in warmer water...warmer water cause by global warming...hmmm...can that be a assessment?