Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Green at Brown

Writers loooooove their coffee, and there is nothing I like better than, when walking over to my office, to stop at Brown's student union and get a nice cuppa ORGANIC FAIR TRADE Java Love. Thanks to the students badgering the administration, I believe all the coffee served in various venues on campus--including the gallons guzzled in the dining halls--is fair trade. Like a proud mother I watch and think: cool beans.

Today, when at the office (nice and quiet: the calm before the commencement storm), I noticed some catalog for office supplies that had the words DIVERSITY MINORITY OWNED ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY the Brown logo and OFFICEMAX all puzzlingly in one place. What it was is Officemax, the supplier for Brown's office supplies, has a customized catalog that highlights products manufacturered by minority and women owned businesses and environmentally friendly products. There was even an official memo stating that a win/win situation can be achieved when the University can support small businesses and small disadvantaged businesses and still keep us up to our ears in post-its.

Go Brown! Proud to know ya!

Here's a nice golden bow award (recycled from an earlier present, of course)

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