Friday, January 05, 2007

Folk Fertility Fun: Pistachios

Pure fun fertility stuff: I keep hearing anecdotes about pistachios being good for fertility, if both partners eat them. (And not the disgusting red-dyed ones, please.) In fact, last time I accidentally became pregnant, MAN FERTILITY and I had just come off a pistachio binge.

Pistachios are actually really nutritious: 2 oz has more potassium than a banana, also has significant amounts of vitamin B6, thiamine, magnesium, phosphorous, and copper--all fertility boosters.

Also, check this out from VegParadise: Pistachios trees are dioecious in nature, meaning that the sex of some trees is male and some female, and that both are needed for complete pollination.

And: The Queen of Sheba was convinced that pistachios were a powerful aphrodisiac and ordered the pistachio harvest of the best trees grown in Assyria to be used for her and her royal guests only.

Look for a deep, green color for the freshest nuts. I like the soaked, sprouted, gently dehydrated (more nutritious, easier to digest) organic ones (pictured above) from Jigsaw Health.

Go nuts!


Susan G said...

another "folk" food is royal jelly, the food of the queen bee -- I've heard a few (anecdotal) stories. Any thoughts?

GreenFertility said...

Yes, I *have* heard that. Royal jelly at the very least is full of micronutrients, and in Chinese medicine it's recommended for fertility, in that it makes the queen fertile...

p.s. I was at the MacDowell Colony and insisted we go to a health food store for me to stock up before I started my residency--so when I got off the bus in KEENE, the nice person picking me up took me to a great HFS. Are you that place near the bus station by any chance?