Sunday, July 23, 2006

DVD Review: The Future of Food

Run out now and rent/Netflix/buy this: The Future of Food directed by Deborah Koons Garcia.

I thought I knew how genetically modified foods, Frankenfoods, are made, but this really opened my eyes.

To put it bluntly, genetically modifying an organism = CELL RAPE.

Each cell has its own integrity and its own defenses to keep it that way. Genetic engineering involves boring holes through the cellular membrane and forcing foreign genetic materials inside--and then compelling the cell to continue reproducing this new, altered way.

If there's any issue that should alarm Darwinists and Christian Intelligent Design types equally, this is it. Genetic "engineering" sounds so clean and precise, but it's the opposite. It's basically fugging (as normal Mailer would say) with the delicate insides of a cell, and messing with the organism until it is no longer the way our creator intended. Not to mention that a single gene can be EXPRESSED in many different ways, not just in the unilateral way the scientists are using them for. Seeds also get out in nature, fall off trucks, etc., and cross-pollinate. What happens when something like the "suicide seed" (made by Monsanto so that farmers have to buy new seeds every year) crosses with some normal food seeds? This is just one such question this excellent film raises.

So think about it: that bag o' chips made of the GMO corn looks perfectly fine--on the outside. You can't see the screwed up DNA, or have any idea what it's going to do when metabolized by your body's own enzymes. More info:

Helpful site: How to buy non-GM (genetically modified) foods.


Pamela Drew said...

Thank you for the comments on my article. I have seen The Future of Food and it does a wonderful job of providing an eye opening introduction.

I am actually part of another film project which takes the GMO subject farther. Hopefully it will be available in late September.

The key to the "success" of the GMO crops is keeping the American public in the dark. Discussion of the GMO subject is banned in our media.

Everyone who does talk about it helps the situation improve. Thanks for the support and coverage. Pamela

Anonymous said...

This frightens me. But with words like "organic", "natural" and "free-range" totally altered to meet the needs of big business, I am utterly confused when I go food shopping, even at the farmer's market. When I go to my local health food store which sells all "organic" much of the produce comes from as far away as California and Washington state, thereby using tons of fossil fuels just to get to my table (as well as losing freshness). What's a poor consumer to do? I guess watching this video will be a good start!


GreenFertility said...


Yes, our food creating/distributing system is totally screwed up. But if you watch this video, you'll see that the organic movement is one of the few things that can stand up to GMOs, so I'd take an organic kiwi from Australia over a non-organic one from down the street.

I also added a link (on the post) to a guide to help you shop for non-GMO, if not organic.


Anonymous said...

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GreenFertility said...

appreciate the comments!