Thursday, July 06, 2006

Smoking Shortens Man Fertility

It's pretty obvious that smoking isn't great for sperm, as if can cause breaks in the DNA, but did you know that (from the current issue of Men's Health):

"Smoking can shorten your penis by as much as a centimeter. Erections are all about good bloodflow, and lighting up calcifies blood vessels, stifling erectile circulation. So even if you don't care all that much about your lungs or dying young, spare the li'l guy."

Some MAN FERTILITY readers may object to the characterization of the "li'l guy" (at least they put the apostrophe in the right place, not like Lil' Kim), but there's more helpful "member" tips in the article.

And, relatedly, from the Smoking Gun, if anyone remembers that weird case of the judge who came up with this home-made device that he'd wear under his flowy robes so that he could multi-task with some self-recreation while deciding IMPORTANT LAW CASES (whatever!) Verdict Coming For "Penis Pump" Judge - June 29, 2006: "charged with indecent exposure for using a penis pump (among other really gross acts) while on the bench."

Maybe he was a smoker just trying to get some of his length back?

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