Friday, July 14, 2006

George Bush also Avoids Flouride..and Arsenic...and etc.

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I'm sorry I can't cite a source for this, but MAN FERTILITY doth confirm my memories, and I guess we heard it on NPR (?) or on one of our enviro lists that Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas (n.b., which he moved into only in 1999, just prior to the elections) has a super-duper reverse-osmosis filtration system for HIS house. None of that flouride, arsenic, bacteria and other toxic municipal water crap in his and Laura's water...even though the water in neighboring Waco is apparently disgusting as a result of lax environmental policies when a certain, ahem, person was governor.

Read all about in the Waco Tribune.

And yes, I AM telling you: be like Bush and get some form of filtered water (this can include spring water)! (You can often buy RO--reverse osmosis--water economically at health food stores or sometimes at freestanding water places. They had these when we lived in Oberlin, Ohio, 25 cents for a 1/2 gallon! And not: a wimpy little Britta ain't gonna do it. A RO filter usually takes a 1/2 hour or more to filer water through 3 stages...)


David said...

But I thought Bush enjoyed living amongst dirty air and water...I mean, his policies and his EPA seem to send that message...Strange that he enjoys clean water.


Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

MORE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be like Bush....
I can't drink the tap water at my house, it is from a well system and smells soooooooo bad. Instead we use our fridge filter. We buy bottled water when we can afford it >_<. My school as well as grocerie store is about 45 minutes away from my house. We have gas stations that work out well too but are expensive! I hope I get to go to rio mall today, now remember in West Virginia we dont say reeo we say rye o. The scarry church always talks about it. I love the antique stores aswell, I know that my sort of friend kaylex works at a health food store somewhere in Romney. I wonder if she is in college now though... I will have to get my 2 level permit and find a health food place.

talk to u laters!


GreenFertility said...

Ooooh, that's just like when Cheney had that 1039487459342nd heart attack and Bush, wagging finger, said, "Everyone" should go out pay as much attn to their health and get his $40,000 stent. The man has no clue! But it's not entirely his fault, I guess--sort of like how Tori Spelling probably doens't know what "normal" people do, either.

~elise said...

oooo! We still stop by that "watering hole" near Oberlin...the cats won't drink anything else. I think they know something...