Thursday, July 20, 2006

Flouride, A Bummer part II--the EPA wants "comments"

This just in from the Environmental Working Group, one of the sound, sane nonprofit places to get your health info, about our friend flouride:

• The National Academy of Sciences found that when fluoride is consumed in high doses--such as through food and water--it can interfere with brain functioning, cause bone fractures, dental fluorosis (weakening of the teeth), thyroid and pineal gland disorders, and worsen diabetes. Fluoride's connection to cancer, IQ deficits, dementia, immune system disorders, and other serious health risks are still being researched.

• A new Harvard University study found that boys who drink water with levels of fluoride considered safe by federal guidelines are five times more likely to have a rare bone cancer than boys who drink unfluoridated water. Fluoride has been banned from drinking water throughout Europe.

Because of action by EWG and other watchdog groups, the Environmental Protection (hah!) Agency is inviting comments on the issue icky pesticide sulfuryl fluoride thatleaves FURTHER flouride in our non organic food, in run off, etc.

Sepcifically, The motion argues in considerable detail that the EPA has failed in its statutory duty under the Food Quality Protection Act (FQPA) to ensure that total combined exposure to fluoride in food and tap water is safe for infants and children. In urging an immediate stay of all food tolerances the groups cite the March 2006 National Academy of Sciences report on fluoride safety which found that fluoride limits in tap water are not safe, particularly for children and people who drink large amounts of water, such as diabetics, and should be lowered.

The report goes on: "To date, the EPA has not adequately considered how the addition of chemical fluoride residue on food would raise the already unacceptable levels of fluoride that adults and children drink out of their kitchen faucets. It's up to us to bring this concern to the forefront." Send a letter to the EPA here.

Hm, not unlike the folks who didn't add up all the mercury kids were getting in vaccines (they--duh--averaged "safe" amounts out over a year, instead of allowing for the normal practice of the kids getting---eek!--5 shots at a time in one visit, i.e, taking 60 Tylenol a year vs. taking 60 in one day...)

Okay, NOW I'm feeling a little less like the crazy guy in Dr. Strangelove (remember him? You knew he was craaazy because he was against flouridation of water). Check out the earlier posts.

So if you think someone, some government agency or something MUST be out there, making sure we don't get more than X amount of X toxin a day, and making sure X toxin and Y toxin don't interact, or that the food we eat won't CAUSE heart disease (think transfats), forget it! Obviously the EPA is working hard to keep you safe (not!) YOU are the one who needs to keep a eye on what's going into you, and that's where the buck stops.


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