Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Rise of Cooperation: Little Green Blogs Unite!

(Sorry, I couldn't resist).

This post is about making a better world (#1, clone George Clooney).

It's actually about how the collective spirit, altruism, and green fertility can yet exist in our "greed is good" world.

In a study here at Brown, researchers tried to figure out how cooperative green-types have somehow managed to survive and not turn all mean even in a dog-eat-dog world. First they constructed a theoretical model, which came up with this conclusion: if you keep the altruists in small groups, away from the "swindling hordes," they can "multiply and migrate."

Gives hope to the idea of many of us with our multitudinous little, green blogs can still redeem and reclaim the world:

Multiply and migrate = post early and often + link.

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