Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Man Fertility: LOOMSTATE JEANS rock!

My MAN FERTILITY model is very eco and green, but very bread-n-butter when it comes to jeans: plain old Levis all the time.

He was a little dubious about some newfangled fashion jeans, yeah, and when he first tried on these Loomstate Methos jeans (Man + Ethos?) he thought they felt "weird." But fifteen minutes later, he realized it was weird because he'd never worn such nicely cut jeans before. Now he can't wait to wear 'em everywhere.

Loomstate is the 19th century term for "right off the loom." It's reflected in their design, material, and craftmanship.

Check out those antiqued buttons.

Here's Loomstate's mission:
Loomstate takes inspiration from American manufacturing methods used at the turn of the 19th century, in an age where craftsmanship, function and quality were standard. Our fabric is woven with raw organic cotton yarn, paying homage to processes used before the advent of industrialized farming. We embrace the beauty of the flaws this process yields because it reflects the character of the natural cycle.

Put another way, these jeans are mad cute...and mad comfortable. Man Fertility said they are also the softest jeans he's ever had right out of the box and you don't have to run around for a year riding your motorcycle to get them this broken in.

Not to mention the "Nature Calls" fly, with the image of a whimsical leaf on the other side. Who says organic and sustainable can't be fashionable, humorous, and sexy all at the same time?

Loomstate grew out of the success of the modernistRogan jeans, which have a cult-like status (with fans like Madonna), and they admirably used their power for good not evil and formed their new jean brand, Loomstate. Plenty o' homespun wisdom on the their tag: "Organic is good for everyone." And "cold wash and hang dry in the sun."

(Picture credit: Florence Low, Sacramento Bee)

FertilityBitch's suggestion: go to their website and watch the video, where you will learn a lot about how cotton grows (it makes a squishy fruit, howaboutit?) and see the world's cutest dairy farmer.

Neat extra: the tag says The black specks on this paper stock are seeds. To grow, plant and water. I shall. We'll see!

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