Friday, March 16, 2007

The Worsted Witch » EllaRoo Baby Carriers

Now that readers are sooo successfully procreating, I thought I'd expand a little to postpartum issues. Snagged this tidbit on organic baby carriers from The Worsted Witch :

"Snigger maniacally as you and your bambino breeze past the Sunday morning stroller gridlock. EllaRoo makes a range of baby carriers, including the Mei Hip pictured above, using organic cotton canvas, hemp/tencil twill, and organic cotton batting. While conventional cotton is still used for some of the decorative accent fabrics, the company wants to transition as many of its products as it can to sustainable fibers, despite some complications that owner Vesta Garcia details frankly in a recent blog entry. (I don’t impress easily but her principles? Impressive.)"

Hey, I just checked out their site, and they also have a version of the Korean podaegi as well (although they are kind of the mark of the frumpy put-upon housewife, at least in the soap operas I watch).