Monday, March 12, 2007

Carnival of the Green #68

Hello, Green Peeps!

Welcome to the (holy cow!) 68th Carnival o' the Green. Thank you for the very well organized and entertaining #67 from The Business of America is Business and tune in next week to the goode green blog, The Goode Life.

Let's start this one off with a biggie: according to the latest UN report, global warming is unstoppable and humans are to blame. Scary stuff, yes, but from the correspondence I receive on the blog, I am pretty sure that the people who believe global warming is NOT happening (or that humans are not to blame) aren't going to shift their views no matter what new data comes their way--even if, say, if their landlocked house gets swept away by a new inland sea as gigantic pieces of glaciers fall like huge ice cubes into the already-full glass of the ocean.

So Stephanie at Green SAHM has a sensible post on maybe we need to get beyond global warming and think instead about being nice to the earth, as, irrespective of it all, our resources (clean air, water, fuel) ARE still finite, and gee, for whatever reason, the poor people in Bangladesh ar already finding their clean water supplies being encroached on by the rising sea (eeek).

So, from Kent Swanson at Jetson Green we have 11 Suggestions for Eco-friendly Landscaping --Plant a tree!

From Suhit Anantula at The World is Green: a really cool visual representation of us (small) and earth (big) and human time scale.

From Natalie at Philobiblon, we have an idea on how to make drivers respect and share the road with energy saving cyclists.

From Anja Merret we have a post on a clever campaign by Greenpeace to make the Apple company more "green." They could change their name to Green Apple, Inc.

And here's one from Leon at Soxfirst on hitting companies in the "other green" i.e., $$$$: Will investors pay less for companies poorly positioned to compete on a warming planet?

And from Melanie at Bean-Sprouts, we have a post on how Daily doorstep deliveries of milk, a British tradition that is dying out mainly due to competition from supermarkets, can be an ethical and green choice to support your local milkman. (Are there milk ladies?) Fertility-wise, please skip the growth-hormoney milk and go organic and pastured please!

From Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn we have the answer to the the dismal increase in New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions over the years--"no policy."

From I love Postage, the "interview blog," we have two interviews: Dan Finger, a national organizer for the Rainforest Action Network, and Wendy Brawer, the founder and director of the Green Map System. I particularly liked the Composting Green Map of Manhattan.

And from Animal Planet, we have these:

From The Voltage Gate comes a post on Iranian conservation groups working to preserve the critically endangered (wow!) Asian cheetah!

Will there be enough land and forest resources to sustain humans and wildlife? Read biologist Sally Kneidel's post from Veggie Revolution about efforts to find solutions.

Thanks for reading and keep the Green Thoughts coming.

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