Friday, March 02, 2007

202 Chemicals Linked To ADHD, Autism | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Yeeesh, this blog is getting a bit grim. Well, in a companion piece to the one on dying bees and a billion people with neurological disorders, the Onion bring us

202 Chemicals Linked To ADHD, Autism

Remember, laughter is good for the immune system!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Makes me think about how in this day and age everyone goes beserk if you have a little soft cheese when you are pregnant, but have blindly become so accustomed to all the toxic chemicals we have around us everywhere - in our food, cleaning agents, beauty products, environment.


Anonymous said...

Nice read but makes me think back when my wife was pregnant she was told do not eat processed cheese,meats or any other processed foods as it causes birth defects I was thinking to myself Well unless I go out and butcher a cow or milk the cow and make the cheese myself everything we eat is processed.

Then he told my wife she should do Yoga which is the only sound advice he had . Quacks I say Everything out there these days is Bad for you in one way or the other.