Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Korean Adoptee Olympian Meets Birth Father

Isn't this an amazing picture of birth father and son in profile? Toby Dawson, who was adopted at age three by a Colorado couple, meets his birth father in Seoul.

Toby's adoptive parents are ski instructors and Dawson was aa bronze medalist in freestyle moguls at the Winter Olympics.

But he certainly has his birth father's whiskers.

I got this off Twice the Rice. You can read more there.

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Anonymous said...

I read this on Twice the Rice and found the story so touching. I'm so happy that his adoptee parents supported the reunion and it's so beautiful to see father and son both with muttonchops!

I think a story such as this is wonderful for other International adoptees to read as well as International adoptee parents. I fear that some adoptee parents choose to go international to sidestep the whole birth parent issue. But I truly believe the birth parent issue will come up regardless and if a child has an opportunity to meet their birth parents I think this is wonderful, whether adopting from the US or abroad!