Saturday, March 24, 2007

A note About Reviews and this no-ad blog

Here's an article on blogging for $ from the LA Times, where people are covertly paid by sponsors to tout products/movies, etc. on their homey blogs. This really does a disservice to everyone (except, of course, the advertisers who get their manufactured viral marketing).

Be assured, everything I review I've tested and used and write about from the bottom of my green heart. I do this mainly by accepting samples from green companies and occasionally get annoyed when I'm told to send something back. I don't exactly have the for it as I write this blog for free, and on my own time, and, the whole point being, keeping it bias- and ad-free. One of the reasons I quit was those pesky click-through ads for IVF, so many ads that I could barely get my prose in edgewise. Sheesh!

Thanks Worsted Witch for the story.