Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ask Da Fertilityb*tch!

I keep getting some cool questions: will the gluten-free diet make my skin look great? that I would love to answer, as much as is in my power. I'm not a medical professional, but think of me more as the neighbor blabbing away over the cyber-fence. Please send mail Subj: DEAR FERTILITYB*TCH to

And...congrats to all the preggers peeps who participate in the blog!!


Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

I feel funny talking on this blog ha ha. I am always the one with the preg person. ( I also get draged into free babysitting)>_<
My cousin had to go to the philippines on summer because her mom died. the longest month of my life! there were three kids staying at my grandmas house with my cusin shilo and I. Nicole was about 9, Maribel was about 3, and kayla was 6 months i think. I was the oldest, 11 years old. Kayla always cried. I was the one to feed her, hold her, and sneek her downstairs(my grandma thought that leaving her in the play pin crying and screaming would be good for her) Not when it lasts hours at a time. change her as well. I still take care of her here and there she is 4. I am good with children, and pregnant women ha ha.

once again I <3 the hello kitty!

GreenFertility said...

Haha! Maybe you will bring good karma to the board!!!

p.s. in Korean we do the ^-^ for smiley face, too