Friday, June 02, 2006

Peace Out with Peace Coffee

Peace Coffee delivers coffee by bike courier where ever possible to save fossil fuels. Our motto is "Roast beans, not fossil fuel."

Here's a new concept, eco-macho!

So I got one of those neat Splaff! bags for my husband's birthday; he's an environmental historian and I wanted to get him something that looked cool but was also environmentally correct. This messenger bag is perfect--fits his i-book plus some professorly papers, recycled bike tires and hemp, but looks pretty cool. When I bought it, I was also happy to pull out a pound of organic, fair-trade, delicious and environmentally consciousPeace Coffee, as the company is doing a promo with Splaff.

Geez-us. You don't have to tell me how cold it is in Minnesota. I'm charmed that these guys deliver by bike (and biodiesel). Check 'em out at; they are actually available in a number of venues in New England and all over as well...

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