Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Raw Convenience Food: GOOD STUFF = yum!

Raw food, as you can see, takes a bit of advance planning. Seeds and nuts need to be soaked/sprouted beforehand to rev up the amino acids.

There is an awesome company, GOOD STUFF BY MOM & ME, that makes ready-to-eat raw snacks that are made from organic, germinated, raw ingredients and they taste great (and are GLUTEN-free, yippee).

This Pecan Pie bar (pictured) is something I'd loooove to indulge in any time. Many, many bonus karma points that it's just organic pecans, almonds, dates, flax, lemon Celtic sea salt, natural extracts. Great granola and their Lemon Walnut Crunch is good enough for company. The mom and daughter also look to be extremely healthy and false advertising there.

For stores near you:

Wikipedia has a pretty good entry on sprouting whys, wherefores, and basicsSprouting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

I know what I will be trying this summer ha ha.