Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mind Fertility: 13 Ways of Seeing Nature in LA

There is a neat article in The Believer Mag called"Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in LA" by awesome environmental writer, Jenny Price.

You're thinking nature? LA? But Price writes, "...the City of Angels feels like a distinctly honest place to seek and write about nature." The article is full of surprises: the trip a mango makes from orchard to the Beverly Center Mall, the river (!) that runs through the city, and how our attempts (esp. those Californians) to be out in nature and commune with it are a lot more complicated that it seems.

A nice outside-the-box romp, with coyotes, mallard ducks, ocean air, Aaron Spelling's mansion, Gore-tex (please don't wear that, Jenny! It's teflon!)...all in a glorious, free (in every sense of the word) essay that'll make you realize nature's where you find it, and maybe you've been missing a lot of it all this time...makes ya think, don't it?

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David said...

I think I saw some nature once or twice in Los Angeles, right when I moved here. Oh wait, that wasnt nature, that was a movie set.

Seriously, its a tough place to find anything nice, but there are some nice places. I just moved to the beach a few months ago, and it makes a world of difference...I actually dont mind LA now. (That probably wont last!)