Monday, June 26, 2006

Me, my yam, our 1000-year-old stove

Look! I found a yam. Next to the yuca (sic), something called a batato, and a display of generic salt in a grocery store in the "ethnic" part of town, i.e., far far away (for RI) from Brown.

I tossed 'em with a little olive oil and curry and lime juice and then found out our 1000-year-old oven had died (a smaller, very environmental auxiliary oven died a few months ago--maybe it's like those elderly couples when one goes...). The broiler still worked, so they came out a little, uh broiled, probably with more high-heat free radicals than I liked. But with some organic hot sauce, they were pretty tasty. Starchier than sweet potatoes, they'd make great fries I bet. We're actually officially trying to conceive (ttc, if you like acronyms), so I'll definitely let you know 1. if I get pregnant 2. if they are twins.


Kim said...

Marie you look great. Loving the blog as always... Are you using the Fertility diet book? Are you enjoying it? What does it say about caffeine? Does she say to cut it out all together? The other thing I am curious about is chamomile tea? My acupuncturist said it is fine. Dr. Joel Evans who wrote the Whole Pregnancy Handbook is my old ob/gyn and he says raspberry leaf and chamomile are both fine before and during pregnancy... My girlfiend's doctor told her not to drink it (cham) when she was pregnant.

Green Fertility Marie said...

Hi Kim!

I am actually a sweaty mess. I actually met Fern (Infertility Diet) at this writers' conference we were doing together recently and I had the chance to tell her her recipes are great. Now, about the herbs,

SHE says raspberry leaf tea is a no-no bec. of miscarriage concerns, also chamomile, FWIW. She also says ginger is a no-no for the same reason. I don't think an of those on their own is going to make you miscarry, although I do not that mega doses of vitamin C can mess up implantation.

COFFEE is a good question. I've been trying to ask my pregnant friends in hopes they were drinking coffee when they conceived. I instinctively feel that organic coffee isn't totally evil (plus, I've seen studies that show that black tea make you MORE fertile, so it can't be the caffeine). The Infertility Diet says NO caffeine. Do you have a writer's fixation w/coffee like I do? I may try giving it up for a month just to see, but it's gonna be tough! Some docs joke around that you cd use coffee as birth control. What does Dr. Evans think?

n.b. they just found out that coffee drinkers have less liver cancer.

Hope all your "stuff" is going well!


kim said...

I have always felt coffee to be dangerous in that it affects us physically in such a dramatic way --plus people are such junkies for it - myself included!!! I have finally weened off it completely - it took me a couple of years. I still have a sip of decaf here or there if I want it.

Evans says - in his book - that one cup a day is fine (which my RE says also). I just found a couple of studies that said it can negatively affect implantation so figured I would cut it out altogether.

What does FWIW mean? Good to hear about the herbs - I had a feeling I should stick to decaf black tea.

Well, we got really good news Marie. I am taking it very easy since we are still so early on - but we are very excited. I have been cramping a bit which I have read is very normal. I just haven't wanted to jump for joy since its so early. It has been a long journey for us so I want to be conservative in my exuberance. That being said -YIPPEEE!!!

I am sending good juju your way. I hope you are taking it easy and getting time to take care of yourself.


Green Fertility Marie said...


I'm jumping for joy for you!!! Coolness! Yes, cramping is VERY normal. Just take it easy and listen to what your body wants. Aweeeeeeesome!

FWIW = For What It's Worth.

Go, girl, that's so awesome! That for the good juju comin' my way.


Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

wow, 1,000 year old stove 0_0
sounds like my grandma(long story)
A few adult friends I have are heavy coffee drinkers. I think i Drink the most. thats sad because i am only 16! hey, helps with the exams and international human rights stuff. Comparing from medical studies, and this information, helps me understand the effects of caffeine. (ever since i found this blog i started doing self study with medicine again)
I have to wonder, I took a psychology class. i am a major fan of self fulfilled prophecy and how it works. I am sure there is an answer to this but I will bother everyone anyways. From personal experience, I have had many SFP episodes. For about 6 years I have had trouble with depression, Self injury and suicide. I would go to hospitals and was used to being sick. I always told myself I would never get better and that I would not last. Leading to my many more hospitalizations.
Now that I am better and my thinking has changed, I try to figure out what problems i am faced with or witness every day happened because of SFP or if SFP happened to help in the outcome.
Now that all of that has been said, I was just wondering your opninion on how SFP and fertility could be linked.
I wonder sometimes if being negative about conception, or anything for that matter could alter the out come.

kim said...

I think perception is huge when it comes to fertility. Having attended some support groups and having friends who are going through infertility - it is hard not to have doubt and negativity. Letting go of that and coming to a sense that all is happening as it is meant to is very difficult - but possible, I think, through complimentary practices. Meditation, therapy, acupuncture, nutrition, and prayer are all thought to strongly influence one's health. It doesn't matter what denomination you are - prayer and positivity can go a long way.

Green Fertility Marie said...

Self fulfilling prophesies? Great subject, Christina [p.s. you are incredibly wise for being only 16--i had NO idea]. I ABSOLUTELY believe in SFP. Big e.g., I thought my labor with my son was going to be a disaster--and then it was! Part of it was, the midwife was totally overworked (4 other women in labor), and kind of ignored me and the more scared and freaked out I became by my very painful labor, I think my body basically joined in.

I recently (for my novel, not for this blog specifically) observed a midwife assisted birth. The doctors were a bit "iffy" about it because there was some high blood pressure and other factors, but the midwife was totally, "Of course we can do this, it'll be great!" So at the end, at the most important part (last the pushing) the woman was like, "I can't!" and starting the freak, but the midwife said, "Oh, yes you can," in the most loving and calm way. At this pt, the midwife COULD have called the doctor, and I think if she did, it would have made the laboring mom a wee bit uneasy (it would have made ME freak out and I was just watching).

But instead of having the docs, th epediatrician, etc., hovering around, the midwife just had us womens and the hubby (that's why they needed me, uh, to assist a little bit!)...and the bebe finally slid out, beautiful and HEALTHY and we were so impressed that the mom had done it all on her own, no drugs, high blood pressure and all.

I'm certainly not saying a peaceful outlook is a cureall, but I do think that an apocalypic viewopint (as is my own) can often start a stress cascade...I'm the kind of person who can be like,m "Damn! I forgot to meditate today!" Not too peaceful!

Thanks for sharing, gals!!!!

Libra Litrou said...

This is a neat blog with lots of interesting stuff in it.


Libra Litrou

Green Fertility Marie said...

Thanks so much, June. SOmeone was just asking abou tthe yam yesterday!