Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Greenpeace Report: Yes, All those Chemicals ARE killing our fertility

Okay, before you slap on that chemical-laden suncreen or spray DEET all over yourself and/or your kids, please take a moment to check out the new comprehensive report from Greenpeace, Fragile: Our reproductive health and chemical exposure. Basically, the post-WWII bring-'em-on! chemical use is is catching up to us.

n.b. Rachel Carson, in Silent Spring, warned of the increasing prevalence of pediatric cancer, which was once almost unheard of. We are using exponentially MORE pesticides than we did since the book came out (shame on us), not to mention all the chemicals and plastics., etc.

Was it any wonder, then, that the ocology ward, when our son as in the hospital, was packed full, including with babies (he was 18 months old)??

Some fertility highlights:
. A dramatic decline in sperm counts over the past 50 years in many countries.

• Significant increases in testicular cancer.

• Infertility is thought to affect 15-20% of couples in industrialized countries compared to 7-8%
in the early 1960s.

• Girls are reaching puberty at a disturbingly early age in many parts of the world.

• The incidence of endometriosis in women has become alarmingly high in some countries.
Please remember, too, that even if one DOES manage to get pregnant, all these things that affect fertility/cause cancer can also affect the fetus,


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,

I love your blog and read it regularly. I'm a fellow DB patient (primary IF) and a professor out here on the west coast (and BTW California had record-breaking rains this year, not a drought! I'm mystified by the nappa cabbage comment by the WF employee!)

You've menioned Silent Spring several times. Have you also read Our Stolen Future? or It's outstanding. The "stolen future web site", which has some excellent additional articles, is

I'll stay anonymous for now, but will probably e-mail you privately after finals (can you believe we're STILL in session?) I like the way you think! And, my DH has become a huge kimchi fan. Thanks for promoting its benefits.

Green Fertility Marie said...

Hey!!! I just ORDERED Our Stolen Future through interlib. loan (okay, I'm cheap--organic food is $$$$$$). Yes, I heard it's a very very very depressing "sequel" to SS.

Atd ya know, it's possible maybe it's the global-warming-type rains making the cabbage scarce--WF did get some in, once, and they were the size of toilet paper rolls and very icky and brown on the inside (you always gotta check the insides), extremely unhealthy looking. Last year I talked our CSA into planting nappa and daikon and BOY did they get the complaints...I bet we won't get any this year.

Definitely email me when you're "done." Things are nice 'n quiet on campus here. Ahhhhhh. Thanks for commenting and stay tuned for a garlic kimchi recipe for DH--and you. Garlic is really good for fertility--sulfur and all that. I'm really missing Dr. Beer. Such a character, and a reassuring one at that, sigh...