Sunday, June 18, 2006

Birth watching

I was recently BACK in the hospital (a different one, this time) watching my friend, an OB/GYN do her stuff in order for me to research the last little details for my next novel.

I actually got to suit up in scrubs and follow her around all day; plus the staff there was so nice (not to mention the mothers), I actually ended up seeing a LOT more than I'd imagined or intended: a C-section, a stint in the ER, and a beautiful, midwife assisted birth...uh, somewhat also unexpectedly assisted by me (another pair of hands was needed and I gladly gave up my notebook scribbling to participate)!

Such a vivid reminder that ALL children--biological, adopted, step, etc.--come into the world this way. A powerful thing.


-Mairi said...

Just found your website thru Mary Shomons on
Had to comment:
If you realized a natural midwife birth was cool; have you investigated unassisted births? Well, of course you couldn't attend these, but there are lots of moms who could tell you how this birth option is not only the safest (in normal circumstances) but also the most empowering and sweetest way to give birth! Check it out!

Green Fertility Marie said...

Hi Mairi,

Yes, I really think stress has SO much to do with things screwing up in labor. I myself had a stressful, scary bloody birth with my son. The minute you get to the hospital, everything is "medicalized." Hm, for the next pregnancy.... (um, that's putting th cart before the horse, just a little...!)

Thanks for posting--great comment. Where to check it out? Could you please post some links maybe for other curious readers?

-Mairi said...

Here are a few links to start with. There are also great discussion groups available, and birth story collections. :-)