Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yams and Fertility

I was at the Brown library the other day and stopped by a display of these fertility totems and was interested to read that the Yoruba of Africa have some of the highest fertility rates, including that of having twins.

Fern Reiss' Infertility Diet also recommends eating yams, that they are sort of nature's Clomid and help trigger the release of the egg (or eggs). They are particular recommended if you have a short luteal phase. Anyway, they taste good, so why wait until Thanksgiving?

Please note that "garnet yams" and "Jewel" yams, like you'll see at Whole Foods are NOT real yams, they are sweet potatoes. True yams look like a hairy log of firewood and are all gucky and mucilagenous when you slice them. You can often find them in Carribean markets. Here's more on an recipe site.

WARNING: true yams are poisonous if you eat them raw.

Okay...okay...about the CASHEW CHEESE, it's almost done. Probably will post tomorrow. It turned out pretty tasty using the thyroid-enhancing seaweed seasoning.

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