Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cottonfield Organic Underwear

The urgency behind wearing organic undies has even hit Ladies Home Journal. I just read one of their innumerable tips in the current issue that urged readers to wear organic undies to (in their inimitable LHJ way) protect "sensitive areas."

Cotton is one of the most pesticide-y crops (chemical insecticide used on cotton crops account for 25% of global consumption--ick), which is why you should try to avoid all the foods (mostly snack foods and bad salad dressing) that use cottonseed oil. This oil is cheap because it's extracted as a byproduct from cotton, which is technically not a food, so they can spray it will all the really bad non-food-grade pesticides. When people jibe me for spending so much of my limited writer's income of organic products, I like to retort, "Well, think of how much $ I'll save in chemotherapy." It really is a matter of You get what you pay for. Health--of selves, and respecting and conserving the earth--is priceless!

Pictured are organic, non-toxic-dyed cotton undies from Cottonfield USA. Here's a quote from their website: Likewise, many followers of holistic lifestyles, such as Macrobiotics, also believe that organic cotton is beneficial for healing when a person is in a weakened physical condition [These guys have non-latex elastic for you allergic types].

I like them because the covered elastic seams are extra-comfy, nice line esp. for low-rider jeans, kudos to Yeumei Shon for designing such a great looking and wearing product. I can already tell from one washing these will last a loooong time, which actually makes them a smarter buy than the 99-cent undies I used to buy that fell apart in a few washes. There are many other styles to choose from, and don't forget the MAN FERTILITY. If you need any more reason to look organic, follow this link to an article on genetically modified Frankencotton and all the weird things it does to a person.

Extra points: these guys are local to the Boston area, and maintain a blog about Bostony goings-on.

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Christina( ^ _ ^ ) said...

"Well, think of how much $ I'll save in chemotherapy."

not many people could come up with something like that.

well I have to go to german chat room now (^_^;
I am the only american, I dont even know german "sigh" they understand me tho.

ja matane (see u tomorrow in japanese if you don't know.)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Link didn't work. Organic undies here

Anonymous said...

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Callie Parham said...

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