Saturday, June 24, 2006

Raw Foods: Enzyme power!

Raw food conjures up gnawing on some huge daikon you just pulled up from the ground. But actually, it's part of a new movement, that even the very non-hippie-ish Charlie Trotter uber-chef, subscribes to. It's a little odd to hear a celebrity chef go on and on about how raw food is better for you, but he does say this, and Raw Foodies believe that cooking kill's the food's vital enzymes. Some people swear they have tons more energy if they follow a raw-only diet (this can include meat). If you don't want to do that, at least some raw in your life would probably be good for you.

Here are some raw foods you might already eat:
o pesto
o guacamole
o kimchi
See? Not so bad!

When I was in Minneapolis, I ate at Ecopolitan, a restaurant that ONLY does raw food, so they try to be creative about it. I'm not sure how I feel about one thing trying to pretend it's another (e.g., raw food Pad Thai), but they had this cashew "cheese" was actually pretty rich and spreadable and yummy (okay, can't compare to a drippy brie or a slice of pizza...but...)

So I cruised for some recipes, but they all use this stuff called Rejuvelac for the fermenting; it's made of WHEATberries, so of course it has gluten read here why giving up gluten/wheat may be an easy way to clear up your thyroid and/or digestive problems). I've done a little experimentation and come up with a nice cashew cheese that isn't too hard to make. I have pictures, too. Stay tuned.

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Allison said...

Hi, Marie! I like your site quite a bit. I've been a raw foodist since January. I'm also a grad student who does a lot of research, a habit which naturally extends to my interest in the raw diet. I've learned that raw foodism as a movement has had several heydays in the U.S., especially since the 1970's when Ann Wigmore popularized it to support health, and harmony and between individuals and the earth. I'm not sure why it captures attention within the mainstream, but it has definitely experienced a resurgence in popularity, which is how I came across it in my search for a better, healthier way to lose weight.

If you are really getting into raw foods, I beseech you to do a lot of reading about nutrition, and to not follow any one particular guru, as a no one raw diet works the same way for everyone. I've had some great results eating raw, but a handful of negative experiences as well. There are many competing views in the raw community about - well, just about everything, it seems! I wade through a lot of info and advice, try things out, and discard what doesn't work for me. I wish you the best with your experimentations with raw and hope it works for you! Overall, despite some problems, I'm healthier because of it.