Saturday, September 02, 2006

BBC: Older mums likely to live longer

Older mums likely to live longer: "Women who continue having children late in life may live longer than those who have their kids young, research finds.

Added bonus. A new study in the Journal of European Social Psychology suggests that as you get older, you perceive yourself as better looking! If you're hot now, just think how hot you older moms will be in a few years!

Plus, World's oldest woman dies at 116: Her family said donkey milk might be key to her longevity (note--we're talking, fresh-from-da-donkey's-udder-unpastuerized-unhomegenized-no-donkey-growth-hormone milk, which may indeedy be quite healthful)

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Anonymous said...

My grandmother had her first child at 38 and lived to a 100! Now was it the child bearing or was it the spring water? (She never touched tap water, even for cooking!)


GreenFertility said...

Ali, you sound like you had a smart smart grandma. Back then spring water had all sorts of great nutrients dissolved in it. Today, unless it's from a really deep aquifer, it probably at least has arsenic :(

But see, she didn't have flouridated water, and she turned out ok!!!!!