Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Colds and flu season coming up...

EIDON Immune Support

MAN FERTILITY swears by this stuff; he had a summer cold that turned into an autumn cold and he had trouble shaking it, esp. the hacky cough. While I'm playing with my Chinese herbs, I also had a sample bottle of this. It made him feel so great overnight, he was begging for more after the sample bottle ran dry.

P.S. If you're sensitive to sulfur (e.g., can't eat broccoli) this might not be for you. Likewise if you're allergic to silver.

But otherwise, it's full of gentle stuff to help prop up the old immune system.

According to the company, you can also use it on cuts. Here's what's in it, according to the company's literature:

The immune system gains strength from minerals to synthesize proteins which make up all the cells of the body. These essential minerals play the following roles:

1. ZINC - Activates the enzymes of our immune system.
2. SELENIUM - Inhibits viral mutation.
3. SULFUR - Calms the body's inflammatory response.
4. SILVER - Provides a natural defense against bacteria.

I will return, once I get these herbs cooked!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, I was actully looking in my chinese medicine book about the immune system a few days ago. This is good information since I have many cuts lol. I have to be more careful at times (^_-)

~elise said...

hey, i just read about a remedy..not for colds but for skin, breakouts etc called sea buckthorn oil and wondered if you had heard of it?

GreenFertility said...

Yeah! Sea Buckthorn Oil is great. The GOOD STUFF should be VERY orange colored, and you need to kind of mash it into your skin. Tea Tree oil can be very kind to your skin, too.

Anonymous said...

Taking SBT Seabuckthorn, Seed Oil, Fruit Oil, Berry Flavone capsules and drinking the Tea from the leaves, is a return to basic nutrition.

Let me explain.

Science has shown that inflammation leads to disease and to a degenerative state in the body. This happens when we have a diet that is made up of more Omega 6 than Omega 3. The average North American Diet consists of an imbalance of 20 to 50 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3. The number one killer in North America is cardiovascular Disease, because the degenerative state weakens veins, arteries and of course capillaries that supply finer tissue. With this weakness comes the response of the body to create plaque, (Bad Cholesterol) to up hold the integrity of the vessels. Hence restricted blood flow causing malnutrition to joints, skin and every organ and tissue of the body, including prostate. The advice we get from the Medical Association is to take aspirin, eat less foods with bad cholesterol and array of drugs associated with the a specific ailment originally caused by restricted blood flow and improper nutrition. In actuality, the body makes 90% of bad cholesterol to support the vessels as best it can during the deteriorating process explained above.

The real answer then is to get proper nutrition, which makes sense.

So, what's proper nutrition?

1) The intake of essential fatty acids of Omega 6 and 3 must be at a 1 : 1 ratio.
2) Eat whole foods, raw, organic, nutrient rich and as diverse as you can find. Stay away from processed foods. Most processed foods like cereal now contain wheat, corn and soy, usually from GMO source. Men should not eat unfermented soy, GMO or not, because it has constituents that mimic estrogen.
3) Exercise regularly.
4) Breath fresh air. If you live in an urban area, make sure you can get away to a cleaner environment regularly.
5) Drink pure water.
6) Get sunshine. Our bodies have their own photosynthesis process of turning sunshine into Vitamin D, which allows us to absorb calcium and nutrients. Consider sunshine a whole food, we just eat it differently. Full spectrum light has beneficial properties not totally understood yet.
7) Eat a quality pro-biotics, the good flora and fauna of the body, especially if you have ever been on Antibiotics.
8) Cultivate wholesome relationships with family, spouse, yourself and friends. We need to love and feel loved.
9) Live with a great attitude. Too many of us allow ourselves to be victimized. See where this applies to you and take action to rise above it. Laugh and have fun. Think about the legacy you will be leaving when your life comes to an end and be determined that the next generation will have a better place to live than you found it. Use loving action.

I believe all 9 are proper nutrition. Page 2 of 3

SOURCES OF OMEGA 6 AND 3 IN EVEN RATIO, no particular order.

Seal oil.
Whale Blubber and Skin.
Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, 100% pure only.
Udo's Blend, ( 2 : 1 ratio )
Omega Nutritional Essential Balance Oil blend.
Greens Plus Oil blend.
I'm sure there are many other blends on the market.

As mentioned the balance of Omega 6 to 3 should be 1 : 1. The Traditional Inuit people do not have Cardiovascular Disease, because they get their food source from seal meat and fat, which is a perfect balance of 6 and 3 and not to mention loads of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

Blends use Flaxseed, Fish oils and several other oils. Some are 100% vegetarian.

The SBT seed oil is the only plant source that has the natural balance of Omega 6 and 3. It stands to reason that a source of nutrients all from the same plant will work in combination and synergistically with the human body. Seabuckthorn's 192 nutrients, much more than a man made multivitamin, (usually about 65 nutrients), provides an optimum start to proper nutrition.

This creates two things.

1) Optimum metabolism. Take seed oil on an empty stomach in the morning.
2) Improved absorption of nutrients in two ways. i) Nutrients from the same plant source. ii) Nutrients utilized during optimum absorption process.

The results have been predicated that Seabuckthorn was a medicinal food containing many kinds of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and other bioactive substances, such as β-carotene, VC, VB1, VB2, VK1, Zeaxanthin, lycopene, flavonoids, folic acid, sitosterol, triterpene, fatty acids, tannin acid, 5-HT ( 5- hydroxytryptamine) and umbelliferone, etc. In the former USSR it was discovered that the fruits of Seabuckthorn contained more than 190 kinds of bio-active substances, and the oil contained 106 kinds of such substances. Of these, there were 6 kinds of fat-soluble vitamins, 22 kinds of fatty acids, 42 kinds of lipids and 36 kinds of flavonoids and phenols [8]. (SBT berries have the highest concentration of Vitamin C than any other plant.) More specific SBT has more Lethicin than soy oil, more Vitamin E than wheat germ oil and has all 8 isomers of Vitamin E. Minerals include Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorous, Zinc, Selenium, copper to name a few.

SBT, a Super Anti-Oxidant, Powerful Anti-Inflammatory, with an impressive combination of well over 190 nutrients and vitamins, has long been known to effectively treat persistent and irritating skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis, eczema, sun damage and psoriasis.

This makes sense because it works from the inside out as well as topically.

Men suffer from rosaces more than women. Two classic cases are W C Fields and Clinton.

Also, studies are showing that skin conditions are now linked to heart disease. This makes sense with above information.

Page 3 of 3

SBT is also effective for fungus treatment, internal, (Candida), and external, Athlete's Foot. Use in alternating with Tea Tree oil, Peroxide (3%), or other products for external conditions. Be careful to be sure it is totally cleared up before stopping.

SBT is Anti-tumourgenic and Anti-carcinogenic. There are testimonials reversing skin cancer with topical application to affected area.

There are many clinicals for Liver Fribosis, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Peptic Ulcers, Immune support, Anti-Senility and Anti-Radiation.

I personally recommend that men should take the SBT Seed Oil and Fruit Oil on an empty stomach, see nutrients above.
Eat SBT Berry Flavone capsules, or raw berries if you can get your hands on them, with other food. Drink tea from the leaves, see attached for chemical analysis of leaves. This is the 192 nutrients package. And, don't forget that this is a synergistic package, so the nutrients work together creating a desired effect in the body more than what individual nutrients can do. The sum is larger than the individual parts.

I also recommend taking extra selenium, 200mcg.
Co enzyme Q10 for older individuals.

I take Seabuckthorn seed Oil and other omega rich oils with other foods to help balance the ratio of omega 6 and 3 during meals.

I follow proper nutrition wherever possible.

This is my own personal program. I am 48. I have generally followed this program for almost 2 years and continue to explore minor variations.
I have experience profound health improvements in all aspects of health I can think of. Memory, Mental Attitude, Joints, Prostate, Inflammation, Pain, Back, Neck, Athlete's Foot and other Fungus, IBS, Constipation, Soft Tissue Repair, Marked Improvement of Metabolism, Energy Level. No Flu or Colds, Improved Muscle Tone, Cardiovascular...etc.

This information has been compiled by me, Douglas Kalman, Sales Manager of Seabuckthorn International Inc. and should be considered my own opinion. I do not have a doctor’s degree. I have been working in the Natural Health Industry for many years doing extensive research and conversing with many experts, including MD's.