Thursday, September 14, 2006

Secrets of Asian American Longevity

(photo credit: New York Times)

Okay, the New York Times, following up the Harvard Study that was just released, went and did a story on the long-living Asian ladies in Bergen County (hm, doesn't that sound like some Bob Dylan song?).

Not surprisingly, a good majority seem to be Korean, with their kimchi-eating, fermented soybean soup glugging, stress-busting norae-bang (karaoke) healthy habits. (I also posit, looking from my parents, they grew up in a time with no flouride, didn't use aluminum-containing antiperspirant, ate lots of raw foods, farmers were too poor to use pesticides/fertilizer, didn't get a flu shot and other vaccines every year, etc.)

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Anonymous said...

I confess, I still use deodorant. It's hard not to! What's the secret of a no deodorant lifestyle? I've tried Tom's of Maine, and it just didn't do the job.


~elise said...

any one try that "crystal" deodorant? did it work?

and I hope all the radish kimchi i'm eating will help my longevity! why is it so addictive! :)

GreenFertility said...

Hi Ladies,

MAN FERTILITY claims womens never stink (however his sense of smell isn't as good as mine).

I try to use simple bacteria killers--little baking soda, wash w/soap with eucaplytus or tea tree oil (or sometimes dab on a little bit of it straight, I like Forces of Nature brand: that you can get at Whole Foods).

The rock scares me a little bit bec. aluminum is naturally occuring as it is a mineral and I'd be careful what you put in that lymph-node rich place. We had one, and I chucked it.

Daikon: I was buying a bunch of these in the farmer's mkt and the guy was telling me that people in Hiroshima after the A bomb survived the radiation by eating tons o' daikon. It's in ALL Korean kimchis because supposedly it has some of the hardiest probiotics that occur naturally in the plant itself.

Kakkdugi, straight radish kimchi is the best! If you can't stand tons of hot pepper, there's also dong chi mi, which is just radish in water. Also tasty!