Sunday, September 17, 2006

New York Times: Who's getting first dibs at the tax-payer funded trough at the CDC?

ANSWER: Not the scientists.

Inner Circle Taking More of C.D.C. Bonuses - New York Times: "
Top officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention received premium bonuses in recent years at the expense of scientists and others who perform much of the agency's scientific work, agency records show.

Those inside the office of the centers' director, Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, have benefited the most, the records show.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, The New York Times requested records of all cash awards of $2,500 or greater granted to current and former C.D.C. employees from 2000 to mid-2006. The most recent awards are dated July 21.

Dr. Gerberding, whose leadership of the agency is the subject of an inquiry by the Senate Finance Committee, was not immediately available for comment."
By the way, Dr. Julie Gerberding is the same expert who is telling us parents (including physicians, scientists, immunologists, bitchy novelist/bloggers) that concerns about the links between mercury in childhood vaccinations and the occurrence of autism are too wacky-woo to be worth her time:
No Vaccine-Autism Link, Parents Are Told
New York Times July 20, 2005

Top officials from three of the nation's premier public health agencies held an unusual news conference on Tuesday to say that childhood vaccines are life-saving medicines with no proven link to autism.

Why unusual? It's because they pulled an emergency last-minute press meeting to pre-empt a huge rally of pissed off parents that was going to be going on in D.C. with wacko speakers like:

Representative Dave Weldon, a Florida Republican who champions the notion that thimerosal has caused an explosion of autism cases around the world, attended the news conference and, after it ended, gave his own press briefing criticizing the public health officials.

''It seemed that this was an effort to assuage public concerns, but I think parents are much smarter than some people give them credit for,'' said Mr. Weldon, who was a practicing physician before his election to the House in 1994
And what's great, vaccine damage is not limited to liberals! See more speakers like Rep. Dan Burton (vaccine damaged grandchild), former New York Times reporter David Kirby, plus don't miss the testimony from a healed formerly "autistic" child all here.

And don't let me even get into the news about some of the so-called impartial docs who help develop the vaccines and, oddly, gee howdidthathappen? they somehow also get put on the CDC MANDATED vaccine schedule. That rant must wait for another day so I don't blow my top.

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