Friday, September 01, 2006

Tell Congress you’re fed up with high gas prices!

Here's a cool automatic letter-generator from our stalwart non-partisan friends at Consumers Union. American families are paying $1000 more annually for gas than in the 1990s (ah, those Clinton years...).

Write a letter--couldn't be easier. Unless you enjoy paying higher gas prices while oil companies make record profits. I just saw a FULL-PAGE ad in the New York Times from an oil company wailing that it's really actually very poor despite the appearance of record profits--do you know how much those ads cost? 'Nuff said.

Okay, okay already, I'm clicking!


Anonymous said...

for so much that the economy is tied to the oil industry. We all know if Cheney's connection but less is talked about the Bush's and ties to Valero.

It brings up an important change Honda is doing with the Honda FCX. With a potential home charging station for hydrogen fuel.

But lets go beyond that and how about using 2 liters of water every 1-2 months to power our car. A 6th or 7th grader has learned the simplicity of the reaction. Water with electric current develops O2 and H2 gas which last checked is a flammable gas, and that's what the combustible engine requires. I don't know why mother nature's rarest-precious "commodity" is ignored. It's good enough for our body and it should be fine for our car. Sure we sacrifice some horsepower here and there, but do you want to pay 4,5,6,7 dollars a gallon? My two cents, since analysts predicted $200 barrel of oil

GreenFertility said...

Thanks for the comment--can you believe how OLD this post is??