Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blogging Chicks Blogroll

I've always written a lot on women's issues from early on in my career--one of my earliest articles was one for Seventeen Magazine when I was 16, about how my experience at a beauty pageant (gak! Miss Teen USA/Minnesota) turned me into an advocate of mandatory "volunteer" work to help others to let up on the obsession with making sure your teeth has enough vaseline on them**.

** I'm not kidding--people did that to make sure their lips wouldn't stick to their teeth under the bright lights or something like that.

I just joined Blogging Chicks (which has its own Carnival) to expand the woman-thing out a bit further. Obviously you get lots of diversity in a "roll," and of the blogrolls I examined, I found this one particularly intriguing. A random sampling revealed some really neat blogs, and then a bunch, even just their names alone, that aren't my cup of tea politically or otherwise...

...Which is precisely the point. I'm a big fan of keeping an open mind (but not so open that your brain falls out, as they say) and receiving other's views with respect if not intellectual curiousity (dunno why I never hear back from Green GOP, though--I keep going to their site to say hi).

Anyhoo, take a spin and see what you get. Let me know if this roll is helpful or not. Operators are standing by.


michele said...

I like the diversity of the blogroll. It would be boring if we were all the same.

michele said...

BTW, thanks for the post and welcome to the blogroll.

GreenFertility said...

Thanks! Have enjoyed taking a roll this afternoon, as a matter of fact :)